Monday, April 21, 2008

A little move

I make so much for a little move, but they are other women, moving so much far away!

I published this images also in my french blog, but I feel that I shoud show them also here. Not only the World is huge, and different, not only the distances big, but there are even other seasons, from one place to the other.

While my lilas are slowly opening in this spring comming slowly near Paris, but also near London, not far away, in Quebec, Canada, the snow is yet all present.

Etolane blog from 2003 she is showing us her daughter and speaks as usually open about her life.

A courageous woman I follow now for more then three years Etolane, through a difficult child bearing, birth of Lily-le-Soleil, and a near death experience. She is recuperating now and trying to find herself as mother and as individual too, near his beloved husband, having crossed the Ocean for her.

In the far aways islands of Polinésie, Bora-Bora, it is already summer, Annie as you can see below. She left Douadenais near Amiens where I have met her the first time, to follow her husband taking a veterinary cabinet there, at the other side of the globe.
Annie full of courage, of ideas, teaching at her home town Communications, now is begining a new life far away from her familly and country, whom she is visiting now for only two weeks.

En Autralie, the fall arrived as you can see.

Anaya, from LifeJournal pseudo ZebraArtiste, speaks about her fight with cancer, whom she conquered, and the difficult night with her grand son, whom she rises now, alone.

Not only I understand better the diversity of the world, but they give me courage.

How many more courageous women, and men also, did I met through Internet! Because of Internet. Weather I have met them personally, like Annie, or just hoping to meet them a day, I have the impression of knowing them, better then people around me, even.

They also tell me: a move from Paris to London? That is not such a big deal!

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