Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A photographe in bud

She is not yet 9 and already her english accent is better then mine.

She also takes macro flower pictures with a lot of care, holding here the open tulip so it does not move.

I had a great day with her yesterday, the 15th, from 8 in the morning to late afternoon, when I let her at her modern dance class. Soon, she will become a Londoner: a lot faster then me, and more easy too.

There are many buttons and possibilities on her small and not expensive camera she begun to use lately more and more. And after our stroll near Seine, we framed some images we have taken, modified others.

Here she taking the image, and the photo taken.
Ensemble mardi (67)
What a great day and photostroll we had together!

une péniche passe(135d)

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