Saturday, April 19, 2008

On my image site: flickr

I have so far about 22 000 images there, and have had more then 300 000 visiting them.

Flickr keeps track not only on the total visits but the visits to each one separatly, at the comments and how many people choose them as "favorite" to be able to come back to it fast or often. Beyond that there is something called "interestingness" that somehow combines all that and more.

Here, between those considered my most 100 interesting ones, are the 12 firsts between them, and in the middle, THE most.
Most interesting recently

1. La maison rose de la Butte Montmartre, 2. An interesting face, 3. Galambok szeretkeznek, 4. Morning baguettes, 5. Real and reflected, 6. Place Mairie 18e Paris, 7. A cup of café, 8. My first crocus opens for a few minutes, 9. Stairs of Butte Montmartre, 10. La belle tzigane, Transylvania road, 11. Strange things can be seen in Luxembourg garden, 12. Butte Montmartre dans le brume, 13. Ensemble près de la Seine

The last one, only taken last tuesday, jumped rapidly to the 13 position between all my 22 000 images!

Perhaps, here, I could speak a little about each of them, one by one.

1. The maison rose from Montmartre is a miracoulous photography for me: I do not understand really its interest, but already more then 10 000 people had seen it. It is the house painted 100 years ago by one of Utrillo's impressionist painting, in the neighbourhood I lived 23 years. I took some new pictures of the same house: no one looked at them. Perhaps, who knows, this is really better?

2. The man is a crop of a whole image taken from farther. I met him near a car, which was not his, not far from the market I was heading. He agread that I take an image of him, and then "posed" but the image was taken a few seconds before, he did not have time yet to change his real expression.

3. The kissing pigeons is also a crop, plus enhanched in digital darkroom, where I also softened the background. Taken at a place very near my heart: on the bridge on Petit Samos, in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, looking, after 40 years the first time toward the house and flat I lived as child. The pigeons were also on the bridge not far from me. Kissing and kissing. Too occupied to observe me taking, from afar, an image of them.

4. The baguettes were taken and posted for the group "A day in your life", I choose to take it in the bakery of my street's corner, because nothing interesting seemed to happen that day in my life. It became, and, as you see, remained an instant success. Nostalgie? They are good, alas, they last not long time: good only until they are crusty and fresh, for a few hours.

5. The reflected shops are on the bord of Canal Saint Martin in Paris, it was taken an afternoon, at the occasion of one of my first photostrolls with another photographer and blogger Giulia who did live that time in Paris.

6. 7. This is "just" a cup of coffee in my favorite restaurant meeting place Nord Sud, near the mairie 18e, and the other cup of coffee was an experiment, outside a coffee, near Gare Saint Lazar, to point exposure.

8. Why one image is succesfull on the flickr more then others? the people seing them, the groups I show, the image itself, the comentary I add to it? Those opened just for a few minutes, when the afternoon sun arriving in my garden fall on them, and closed then (I did post also the closed ones).

9. I did sharpen this image of the stairs of Butte Montmartre, near Place Abesse: it was one of my firsts photographes taken, if I do remember well in fall 2004, at the occasion of my "documentary class" I was taking then.

10. This beautifull gypsy woman, met on a road of a small village in Transyvania, was the occasion of lots of heated discussions. Strangely, those contributed to its success. I had taken many images of her, and a young photographer then with me had taken images of me while speaking and photographing her. We did understand each other well. Not only speaking in hungarian, but also smiling at each other.

11. At Luxemburg gardens near the Senate, the Senators looking out of the window probably could see her. It was a nice photostroll with a flickr photographer who arrived in Paris from Boston, if I remember. We first went to the market then strolled the Luxemburg gardens.

12. Early in the morning on the top of Butte Montartre: I went there to buy some gifts for Romania where I was heading the day after. There are many pictures of those stairs, not many in the fog. But here the fog works well for me. I like a lot this picture.

13. The last picture is an example of instant success. I do like this one and have let it stand for three days on top of my other pictures plus posted it in different groups. Taken only a few days ago, fast it did jump to this place between all my pictures, dispacing two women, one in a poster and another near it, wich I do like also.

Which one do YOU prefer?

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