Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When passionate photographers meet

We were only three yesterday, and most of the time we spoke about the festival we prepare for saturday, of our children too. But before leaving, Peire put on his big hat to show it to me, and of course I took imediatly a picture of him.

No, please look again at Gelzy!

Looking at his compagnion of 30 and more years, he did have a special smile I wanted to catch. Then she put on her red winter hat. Finally I took out my black hat from my car: I do have also one!

Click, clic. Three people, three cameras, lots of photos one of the other. And a great understanding between us.
Gelzy by PeirePeire in Paris
Here only three images, two taken with my camera by Peire, and the last one by me of him. I did not take one of them two together, but it was such a pleasure to see them happy after so many years of living together!

Perduring love exists, even if not for me, and not only in romance books!

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