Thursday, April 24, 2008

The British Council

The British Council, in Paris is not far from the Eiffel Tower, but very near the National Assembly, Congress and at only three minutes of the metro station Invalides.

We went there yesterday: my grand children take this week a class there, their first steps in English. Already, they are learning a small play they'll perform at the end of the stage, of course, in English.

At two o'clock, on the street nearby the Council, coming out probably from a lunch, many military with their wife's. They looked so great, I could not resist to take this picture of them. I was not near, but here is one that looks nearer: I just cropped it.
Paris 7e-3bun
I do not see such elegant looking people around noon in my suburb town during or after noon time.
Tour Eiffel from afar
From the same corner, looking in the opposite direction, I could not resist to the Eiffel tower either. In real it looked nearer then in this photo, as I can zoom only three times nearer with my small camera.

My grand children are going to London Saturday until Wednesday afternoon. That will be their first time, as for their mother too. I hope their first impression will be as good as was mine, I was about my daughter of law age then. It was spring and London was beautiful!

The first impressions are so important!

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