Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fog? Use it!

There is a lot less fog in London as it was before, but even the fog may be used.
Butte Montmartre dans le brume-15
The sun is wonderful, but the covert days too. Rain or fog, snow or shine, each time has its own appeal and possibilities, if we learn how to use it. As in our life's too.

The photography of weather, by Dr Dapper's class in the Afterclass group showed me how to use all kind of weather, and how to show the weather too,and influenced me a lot. This one is about the Mist and fog thread from that 5th class opened by Bitterroot and the stunning pictures I have seen there.

A morning mist in Paris, covered the city and I could not see anything from Butte Montmartre as usual, but the stairs in mist offered me a rare photography that I would not have taken did not see the great pictures from that class before.

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