Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So, let's find birds

It is not so easy to find birds as is flowers. In my garden I have different flowers and there are also many in parks, but even if I hear sometimes early morning birds singing near my window, I never see them.

So, where to find birds?

In Paris there is a special market, near the Seine, selling birds. In cages. Brrr. I could go to the zoo garden of Vincennes, again closed birds. No.

I begun to study Internet: where to find birds in Paris or around.

Finally came up with park Sausset in Seine Saint Denis, near Aulnois-de-Bois, not far from Charles de Gaulle Airport, only 30 minutes with my car. Not difficult to find it, to park my car.

And now?

Park Sausset Aulnois sous Bois-18d
Finally I asked a couple arriving where is the pond and they did explain me. Birds? There were lots of them: I heard them!

I could even see some from very far, but when I came nearer, they either flew away, or run away, or swim away.

As I took not only my small camera but also the Samsung that has a seven times zoom, I could do some ducks and took also a bird. Mostly, I did enjoy the fresh air and the walk. It was closed sky day, but without rain.
Park Sausset Aulnois sous Bois-26
I took 26 pictures, that you can see here (for the moment 20 but the other arrive soon.

The birds more difficult species then the flowers of last month!
Park Sausset Aulnois sous Bois-28d
But until the end of month perhaps, I'll still learn something, and if not, I would have moved more then before. At any age, moving is good for you, but walking after 70 even more.

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