Thursday, April 10, 2008

It snows in London, it snows also in Paris!

We are far from each other, but not so far!
When is snows in Paris, it does so in London too! When the spring tulips are hidden by snow there, they are also here! Thanks TomekDomekto have given me the permission to publish these wonderfull images of snow on tulips in London!

Early in the morning, he took that image and until afternoon all snow have melted. Like here. Finally there is not so much difference between us!

There is only a two hours trip with the train now, but it remains perhaps a huge cultural difference. I'll learn about it!

I am afraid of it, at the same time fascinated too.

Hoping for more contacts that I had here the last seven years.

The same passion made us look around and take the image, show it to others. We are not so differrent, finally.

But perhaps, the problem with contact here, the last seven years, was due a lot to me.
Tulipes de mes voisins

Here, the tulips of my neighborgh, noon, the same day.

I went to her the same day I took the snow photos myself, and she told me:

- Come to see me when you want!

Why did I not go to see them? Almost never for the last 7 years I have been here?

OK, at first I was too absorbed by recent loss of dreams, by my divorce. But later?

I hope to have learned something: do not wait so long until a contact around me is established, do not wait for them to come towards me always: go also towards them.

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