Wednesday, April 30, 2008


One can enjoy so many things in the life!

Of course, enjoy each other, when you have someone, is wonderful.

A warm look, a slight caress can also go a long way.

But one can enjoy so many things alone!

A quiet afternoon, with a good book. A child's smile or a bird singing in the tree near your window. A good lunch, some beautiful clouds. A good swim too, as I did yesterday.

One can have joys in life at any age too.


  1. Dear Julie, the more I read your every day thoughts, the more I feel alive. The way you take to open your heart and express yourself is deeply touching mine.

    I like your picture so much. I remember yours two years ago. There is so much difference: tu retrouves ton regard de jeune femme. Incredible and soooooo beautiful, with profound beauty.

  2. Thanks a lot, Poeme de vie, I am so happy I could touch you by expressing myself freely.

    This picture was taken more then two years ago: in 2004, at a very happy day of my life, it is not a recent one.

  3. just a souvenir, I'll speak another time about more - but perhaps, the image of a woman of 70 years old that finds suddenly that her life is not finished yet, speaks for itself