Sunday, April 20, 2008

Orininal and after the darkroom

I do believe in working in the digital darkrooom and making from an image as much as possible, showing what WE have seen it it.

Here is an exemple.

Original photography, as taken in Paris, near a fleet market.
I was interested in his face and body language as soon as have seen him and have taken this one before asking even. Then, he told me "yes" and posed. I did not like the images resulting farther.

He came with me and let me take other images of him on the fleat market - until he got bored.

Home, I looked and played with the images taken that day (a lot in the fleat market) and suddenly zooming in, I see this. Cropped it cleaned the background, and uploaded it.
An interesting face
This one goes farther in his soul: it gives more what I have seen in him.

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  1. well done, Julie - this makes for an excellent portrait!