Saturday, April 12, 2008

From face or profil?

It looks so different, from face or profil, and as I learned a few years ago, we do have also two different profils. Plus, looking up or down has a great impact too.

I am preparing my numero about my Nose, and what I do not remember, that is the title of the seven minute piece I'll read this afternoon to my fellow bloggers and photographers.

In preparing it, I am more aware how difficult is, at least to me, to learn it better, so I have to rely less on reading, and also of a good delivery.

I took some short videos and was not very happy about them but they did help giving me some indications, mostly what not to do, as for example, lick my dry mouth between sentences.

In french, but short of 45 seconds, here is the begining of the speach, about a period that happened 30 years ago, written after 15 years.

It is not bad to make fun of oneself!

Later, I'll try to say a short story in english too.


  1. I put the following comment under the day March 4 and then suddenly realized that you would not see it. So I put it again under April 12:

    "You are an incredible woman... I am very impressed and deeply touched by the way you live your life.

    I often went on your french blog... I read your journal, I even copied parts of it "fièvreusement" on paper, once during four hours non stop... until I understood that I also had to collect parts of my life and put them together in one big book.

    I didn't read your blog for a while and am very surprised of your decision to live in London for a while...

    My heart just urged me to write this to you. Please apologize for my English, my languages are German and French, but it is my pleasure tu write in English. I think it will not be my last comment!!!"


  2. before writing a book, open a blog, write some stories, keep in touch!

    why did you copy my journal and not print it? copy and save it? which part did you like so much?

    I am touched

    And why do not come and comment on my french blog too?

    thanks a lot, une témoignage comme la tienne me redonne confiance dans ce que je fais, la confiance qui de temps en temps s'éloigne un peu!

    Ecris moi, un email! comme tu n'as pas de blog...

    Et je lis tous les commentaires, all your comments come to me on email, but I cannt see from where they come sometimes

  3. Julie,

    I cannot tell you why, perhaps it is your spirit, your compassion or maybe your passion but I have found in reading your blog and in many years of following your pictures that you bring hope to me. Hope in knowing that our lives do not wither away as we grow older, but bloom in the knowing that as long as we nourish ourselves with curiosity, fearlessness and adventure and love, we will always expand to the bright beings that we are meant to be. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Sandy for this comment, which gives me hope! And the feeling I do not take images and do not write in vain.

    "Following your pictures through years!" waw! I did not know that...

    And now, doing me the pleasure of commenting more of my text in this blog that I believed is almost not read at all.

    Someone, a week ago, asked me "why you do it? why you open yourself like this?"

    Here, in your comment, is the answer. With the ups and downs of my life from time to time I succeed to bring hope to someone.

    I hope.

    And from time to time, someone tels me so. All hours spend with the web and with the contacts and images and blogs was then not for nothing.