Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paris 18e market

I went yesterday back to my old quarter in Paris 18e, where I used not only to live but also work and live.

The market is not very far from the 18e arrondissement's town hall and it has colourful sellers and lots of nice people around.

A small restaurant, I discovered, will permit us to hold a blog and photo meeting, next Saturday, but not early as even at three they did still serve food. It smelled and looked delicious.

That was also the place where I took one of my firsts candid photography and also asked later a lady sitting with her dogs outside to take her photo. At more then 70 she had a wonderful red beret and looked to young, holding her court, meeting her friends at the café around four every day or at least very often.
That was my first candid photo, I caught her tasting and tasting - until the seller also caught her and asked her how much she wanted to buy.

So many times I return with joy at the same places: I made this morning the count: Already more then 500 portraits taken on and around Butte Montmartre and behind it.

One can see them in the set called Montmartrois, not only those living there, but also those working and visiting of course are included.

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  1. Five years ago my husband died in a car accident. It was then I realized that life is too short not to live it fully. In September of 2005 I decided to spend 7 weeks on my own in Italy. It was a warm and wonderful experience and it was there I felt most in my element. Europe is a wonderful place to take photos, the people, the shops the history. I would love to live there for awhile to write, to take photographs to open that part of me that is artist. I see you have already captured that part of yourself. I also think that it is true what you wrote to your friend. Blog, write in a blog and it will help you to be more in touch with who you are.