Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Japon, Australie, France, UK

From Japan, Tanakawho has brought her sensibility about flowers to our AfterClass group at flickr. At midnight Paris time, Richard from Australia has begun his class about birds. Steve is preparing his class for Mai about emotions, from London.

We are so far from each other and each of us with its specific culture.

In France I follow my cherry tree opening day by day its flowers, while Richard in Australia does photographer the autumn leaves going more red day by day, and Edith from Montana sends pictures of snow covered mountains. Summer time south, the balls rolls on a beach of Sicily.

Au bord de la Seine originales (82)There will be two years, at the end of this month, that I created afterclass: I learned so much while conducting it from behind! Following the lives of the different teachers but also all those having contributed with a picture or more from their own surroundings.

Yes, our culture are different. We learn about flowers from Tanakawho from Japan, about birds Richard from Australia will teach us this month, and, yes, Steve from UK will speak about showing emotions through pictures next month.

I feel in the middle of the world, so united with all!

It could be a life, even after 74! Not the same as when I was 24, I agree, but rich and eventful. I am again optimistic about what will come.

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