Monday, March 31, 2008

Ends and beginings

There are lots of ends and begining in our lifes.

Right now, the month of flower theme in the Afterclass ends and tomorrow we'll begin to learn about birds.

This one was taken at the begining of march.

Yesterday I took my lasts flower pictures for the class in the small recess from rain in my garden.

I would not have seen it like this if I could not take an image from very near, the camera sees more than me.
Rain just stopped-15d
The rain soaked flowers had also more vivid colors as usual.
Rain just stopped-23d
I have lot less experience with birds, but I did take some swimming on Seine nearby last month and some pigeons in Paris.
Au bord de la Seine originales (85)Au bord de la Seine originales (79)
I am looking forward to learn more from Richard (Dicktay2000) who will conduct the class from Australie.

Internet is great and offer us so many possibilities off collaboration!

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  1. that's a great shot, you can even feel the texture and details of the flower.

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