Sunday, March 23, 2008

At festival and expo, yesterday

ATMF stands for Association Travailleurs Magrebins en France, meaning workers from Morocco, Tunis, Alger in France.

They have a very nice and active women's association who invited me to show at their Women's day festivity the pictures I have taken last year's beginning, while in Morocco, of the women using traditional methods to make oil and cosmetic products from the seeds of Argon tree.

I found another photographer to take this of me.

Beside my images there were three beautiful Arabian writings, it seems they wrote ATMF and Women... anyway they look pretty.

There was as last time, someone whose mother in law (last time she was there) know how to make it and still does it, even in France, and they added to my photos, on the table, seeds, oil and beauty products too to explain better the method.
Les jeunes dehors (46)
There was a spectacle, at the beginning speaking of mothers who run away from their country as not to let their daughters cut, as there is usage in some parts, and also a beautifully dressed woman like a princess barbarian and another in traditional wedding clothing.
Petit et grande (15)Mariée berbere (42)
Children also happy to be in costumes, of course, usually here they are in blue jeans instead.

Everyone let me, this time, to be photographed. Last time I went and showed my photos, some did not want to. More and more photography enters in usage. Small and grown-ups stood or sit for me, also to show what they prepared for the festivity, that was also on the table.
Je l'ai fait (8)Expose  (9)
I was not the only non Arabian guest, a university professor having lived long years in Morocco and teaching about Women, came too. She is doing a study now together with the women from this Association.
Guest Teacher (20)
I was only sorry, my friend Gelzy, having written wonderful songs about women could not come, neither the association from Paris I have seen last year.

I did not wait for the meal, not wanting to taste cakes, but I could have at least drink thee - I was too exhausted yesterday. So many happened in such a short time!

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