Monday, March 10, 2008

London, sunday

Regent park walk around the lake with Adrien, who is a real "chasseur des images, des oiseaux", following with passion the bird's flying and caching them on the fly - on his camera.

It was very interesting for me to watch him taking pictures.

Apart for a few drops of rain, it was a wanderfull after-noon together.
London sunday (116) lr
While I took pictures of people, mostly, he did find a bird paradise around the lake, some women came specially to feed them.
London sunday (144) lr
Others come just to stroll around, or take some air.
London sunday (225)lr
It takes all of us to make a town!

Yes, the water lilies were missing, but we had ducks instead, Monet would have been happy also with the light of late after-noon.
Would you guess, where?

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