Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paris with Chris, from London

Chris showed me Fulham, and I went with him first to the strange house at Avenue George V, then to Butte Montmartre.

It was time to visit the house Avenue George V, because the restoration was almost finished and its interesting décor almost demolished. Some still was there for us too see.

We took the bus and then we went up the Butte Montmartre(hill): he has spend his honeymoon there 20 years ago and I have lived there for more then 20 years. Each of us found there something different.

I found people, took portraits, and he found signs.
Butte Montmartre with Chris (15)Butte Montmartre with Chris (28)
- I understand why you liked it so much here, told me. Quiet and at the same time full of life just a little farther.
- Yes, I loved living here!
When the morning was almost finished, going to lunch, we passed an old books store.

- I avoid even to look at them, told me Chris, if not, I came out with a bunch of books. I have already no place with the one I have.
- Oh, I do understand so well, me either. I do not know what to do with them!
- We swatch them in London, give away. Can find others the same way. On Internet. But there are also places, cafés, where they accepted to have a shelf specially for it.
- Yes?
- You can just deposit your book there. You may also come and pick up and take home whichever you want from them.

Hearing that, you know what? I decided to go to London!

And not like our president just now for a short visit, but try to live there. Bringing my books, giving them away. Taking others. And who knows, meeting people loving to read as much as me, too.

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