Saturday, March 8, 2008

Arrival to London

I missed a day of blogging, it was a long day, even if the train does not make now more then 2:15 hours from Paris to London.

Wake up at 4:30, out of home 5 o'clock and took the first bus 13 minutes later, and then the second train from Argenteuil to Paris. The train does take only 10 minutes, but there was 10 minute wait before and then a very long way from Saint Lazar station to the RER ligne E to take me to the station Gare de Nord.

At 6 after escalators, stairs, and yes, also elevetors, I was in the RER train: only one station to Magenta, near which is Gare de Nord and Eurostar's depature. For a 3 minute ride from a station to the other, I waited again and arriving there got other confusing indications.

"To the train" for the RER workers means to the RER, not the train I was seeking, and it was not only me confused. Finally following GARE DE NORD then EUROSTAR, I arrived to the line formed for the second morning train, at 7:13 and at 8:30 London time I arrived!

Arrival to London (6)
Wait in line to get information about the Tube : Pickadilly northern direct to Earl's curt, take out english pounds then buy a week two zone's Oyster card and at 10 London time I was at my hotel.

To early. "We register only at 12" she told me - in Hungarian! She was from not very far from my birth town! And the cleaning lady talked to me in Romanian, and the other on would have in Russian, but I do not speak that language.

Leaving my luggage there, I went to South Kensington, were beside lots of museums, the French consulate, Institut Français, Lycée Charles de Gaulle is located. I got information for my grand-children. But what a huge school! I hope they'll find a smaller one at the beginning of their stay.

By the time I arrived "home" to my Entreprise Hotel, I was exhausted. I have a tiny luggage, but with the computer inside, it is only the worker who had helped me lift it to the bus at 5 in the morning who could lift it with one finger - to show off. For me, it was not so light.

But I got to London and my hotel without taking taxis, and some day I'll buy myself a lighter portable!

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