Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gare St Pankras

I just read this entrance to the Eurostar, modern and fast train under the Manche that took me in almost two hours from London to Paris, was not a church as I believed first but a hotel.

Still amazing!

I stayed yesterday afternoon around it, waiting for my time to arrive, as I could not change my ticket for an earlier on.

I went first to Fowler's and found a very interesting book, relating the journey my grand parents have been in 1944, I'll talk about it later. Then I went to the British library where I could not use internet, but had a nice stay and looked at old manuscripts. And read for a while my own book.

Across the station is the Camden Town's library, more popular and also more friendly. They let me use the Internet, first for ten minutes, then as someone left earlier, for almost an hour. Read newspapers too, and relax in a nice environment.

Quieter then the Station St Pankras International's hall!

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