Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The other side

Three years ago, I participated in a flickr group called Masterclass. The first theme and assignment its creator, Josef Stuefer gave us, was to take pictures of flowers and then inverse them. Play with the negative image, observe it, try to make something from it.

Here is an example I did yesterday. Somehow, it conveys to me more the flowers from my garden then the original.

What is the negative part of going to a wonderful and interesting town?

One always is afraid of the transition periods. Even if the change is, most of the time useful in our lives. There are so many things to decide, so many unknown before us too!

Yesterday, I decided all my photographic books are necessary but found lots of romances to give away. Some books in very good condition, to sell. Books I love without contest, to take.

just one wall... from my living room
It still remained lots of them were I was undecided. For sure, I have too many of them! For sure I do not need them all! But...

Yesterday all this took a lot of my time and it is far to be finished.

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