Friday, March 14, 2008

Second thoughts

This is a picture by Chris, who does photos of gloves for a friend, who makes collection of them. I have seen him in Farington taking it.

I did not realise, at the time, what wonderfull contrast it formed and plus, the design of the image shows great knowledgeship!

It was fascinating looking at other photographers taking pictures.

While we were in Farrington, Adrian took this image in Hyde park: I wish I could be there too, but in a few days I did what I could most.
Even like it is, I came home so tired that I question myself, for the moment: do I really want to go to London? Would it not be better to remain quietly in my small Paris's suburb house? It is quiet here, I know most what it is around.

Do I have to move in another, unknown place to an unknown future?

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