Friday, March 21, 2008

Apple slices and yogurt

Apple slices and yogurt-3I begun to go to the Weight Watchers in September, every week once, as my legs were to tired to support my 95 kilos!

Now, at around 82, I can walk better, but it is still too much.

It was more easy to loose the first ten kilos (about 20 pounds) then it is now to continue, even if I learned to eat better. Not less but more equilibrated and, ok, with less fatty (butter) and less sugar (cakes).

That was my snack yesterday: if you slice the apple thin not only it looks more appetizing, MORE also but it's also, for my age and teeth easier to eat. I also discovered a new Sveltesse yaourt from Danone, with vanillia taste and 0% sugar, 0% fats added - so they tell on it at least. Yummi! It is excellent and sweet too. How, I do not want to know.

I hope, it is true and it does not "weight" more then the 1 point usual in my 21 points a day Weight Watcher allowance.

It is easy, it would be, if from time to time I did not revert to old habits: when tired or when upset to through myself on some food.

Fortunately, I do not have home other then "healthy" foods, no chocolates, no cookies, etc. but even bread sometimes I still eat too much! When will I be thin as I was as young girl?

Probably never.

Still, I hope to loose some more kilograms soooon!

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