Saturday, March 1, 2008

In the begining

Everything has a beginning. The spring, a life, and this blog also.

I did begin bloging when I was 70 years old, but soon, probably by the time I arrive to live in London, I'll be 74. Neverless, anyone on the Web knows me as Julie70, so I did not change the title either. My french blog's name is Il y a de la vie après70, meaning there is life after 70! I have written every day, three years now.

There are more people leaving London after they retire, then arriving, like me after 74! Yet, everything is possible. Isn't it? I'd like to prove, it is.

I am of hungarian origin, born in Kolozsvàr, (Cluj, Klausenburg) Transylvania, but have been french for the last 40 years. For the moment, as I open this blog I live near Paris and my son with his family not far away. They are moving to London soon. So almost sure, me too!

I lived 23 years in Paris, Butte Montmartre, I am still in love with it! I did work also 3 years near Washington DC, so my English, for the moment, is more American then British.

Very active in the flickr site, I got to know people all over the world - even in UK!

This blog will follow my adventure of discovering London's life, people, places, usages. Can it be life in London for someone arriving there after she got 74?


  1. I have been at London last weekend, and I have post some photos at Flickr. I came from Lisbon and I like to see your photos and now read you blog.


  2. What a lovely blog. I shall use you as my example when I start limiting myself because I'm getting older (I'm only 45 - that's what I keep telling myself - 45 is still young).

    I'll be visiting London and, hopefully, Paris this summer. My husband's family lives in England - his brother lives in London. It will be my first time abroad.

  3. Thank you a lot for begining to comment on this new blog! I am so happy someone noticed it!

    If I am in Paris when you come, will be happy to meet, but also if I'll be already in London!

    Solana, I looked at your London pictures, you are the one having been in Camden, yes?

    Dancing monkey, welcome!If you have a brother in law living in London, he'll know of course a lot more about it then me!