Monday, March 17, 2008

Butte Montmartre avec Marco

Back to Paris again, I met Marco from Rome (and flicker photographer) and showed him the places I lived for 22 years and walked often.

Not only those for turists, with people looking and letting be taken a drawing of them, admiring Paris from the hill, but also the very quiet streets around it.

"The Real Montmartre" - told me Marco, who loves three cities the most: Rome where he was born and lives, Venice and Paris.

It rained from time to time and then the sun came out again, then Marco exclamed:
"In Rome when it rains, it rains - it does not stop now and again."

I heard in London the weather is rather like in Paris, rain, sun, rain, sun again. But mostly not sun here but covert sky - Paris is grey often.
Butte Montmartre avec Marco (62) f pastel
Butte Montmartre is wonderfull in all weather and I did like to live there, love to go back anytime I can.
Butte Montmartre avec Marco (20)v
It was cold yesterday and I was not enough dressed, but we walked up and down so I did not catch a cold.
For almost 30 years I have seen only men drawing around place de Tertre, only yesterday seeing this woman (and two others) have I realised it: something is new even on the Butte!


  1. I love paris!
    I really want to go back
    i went when i was 11 and obviously i did not appreciate it as much as i should have.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I did hope someone will come to look at this blog, I am happy you did!

    At 11 one not see the things same yet, true.