Sunday, March 9, 2008

Early saturday, Farrington & Portobello

Almost no one in the Tube early saturday morning, mostly the party goers going home after a whole night.

Some alone, others in couple.

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I went early to Farrington, but the meat market is closed the week-end, so one of the "home going boys" proposed me to visit the Nothing Hill Gate's market, Portobello.
Portobello Market-19 lrPortobello market a-2 lr
An interesting and huge antic's market!
Portobello Market-27 lr
As it was early, the vendors had time to pose, there is so much image to take there that by the time I was exhausted, and took a bus towards Oxfort Circle, finally Trafalgar square, my batterie was also emply.

After visit to the National Portrait Gallery, I went to Embarquadere on Thames, but a cold wind and small rain told me, both "go home"!

But I did return to the hotel with lots of images and also a chineeze take out, so I do not have to leave again.

After 70, one may have energy, but it is limited.

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