Saturday, March 29, 2008

In the eyes of the beholder

Reading about the newspapers in London having published old bare pictures of the first Lady of France, I was revolted they did use the occasion of her visit to the Queen of United Kingdom to do so, but even more about the public perception.

Is a naked women indecent? Is a nude photo shocking?

Only if you try to make it look so, only if it is pornographic, which, most of the time it is not. A nude can be artistic. It is also a wonderful souvenir of old times.

I found the other day two nudes of me, one made by my husband at 27 just after my marriage, the second taken under the shower at twice that age, before we tied the knot with the other one. In the bathroom both, as I did not want it taken other then the "natural environment" for undressing.

What a wonderful memory it does make now, at 74!

And no, there is nothing "indecent" about them, even if I am not ready to publish them in my blogs or photo site and open them to unscrupulous use! But here they are two taken by my husbands, one at 27 the other at 54 years old - or should I say young?
Julie, by her husband 1960Voyage Avant Noces 55 ans
Yes, I do believe the interpretation is in the eye of the beholder, even more so the one showing it and writing about it. They are the indecent, not the one about whom the image was taken or the one who took it or the image itself.

Yesterday it rained all day in Paris, but by the evening the sun came out and illuminated wonderfully the water drops in my garden. I could not resist to take some pictures of the beauty seen!
Sun after rain (1)d1

Sun after rain (10)v
Souvenirs to cherish.

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  1. beautiful images, Julie.