Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hyacinth from Anaya's yard (then mine)

Thanks, Anaya, for the permission to blog this artfull image. All is done by her: she grows the flowers in her garden, then arrange them and shots - this is not all! After it, she works in Photoshop until it gives the result she desired.

I learn so much looking at other's pictures, hearing other's tales too. Imagining the care for the flowers, the art of arrangement. This was put in the windowshield and underexposed.

The tiny flowers I have also in my garden, but there they grow wild, I do not take care of them. Neverless, I took last week two shots of one of them. One to show how tiny they are, with the grass huge in comparaison, the other very near.
julie's garden (1)julie's garden (2)d
I do believe they are the same flowers. I just never thought of arranging them together and of course, do not have the artistic feeling to do so either.

Each of us has other talents. Mine is more of people portraits.

I am joyfull: today I meet Chris who showed me Fullham, perhaps I can show him partes of Paris he did not see yet.


  1. oh, I'm so honored!
    Thank you, Julie - and yes, your images are of the same flower - they are grape hyacinth - they grow wild down one side of my house, it's like a purple carpet!
    Thank you - you're very kind,a nd I appreciate your interest!

  2. Thanks, Anaya! It is good to understand more about flowers, I admire people who do.

    My name is Kertesz, meaning Gardener in hungarian, but I am not at all good at it. But I do love wild flowers and my grand daughter adores grape hyacinth!

    every one tells me your picture is magnificent!