Thursday, March 20, 2008

Butte Montmartre: emotions

I spoke about my afterclass group on Flickr, every month we learn about some other photographic techic. You are welcome to participate!

We are now about 2000 but each month some others contribute more, depending on the theme. Now it is about flowers, next month is will be birds.

Ouside the door, my flowers (18)In May about emotions and how they can be expressed in photography. In June, about differences in cultures & countries.

This month is the 22nd class!

One can read all the old classes and discussions, but we do contribute only to the new classes - at least until the end of each month. Then each of us can add pictures to the old classes... AFTER CLASS, that is from where the name comes.

I was frustrated in the Masterclass, that after a theme finished, I could not show later what I learned from it.

Here are birds Before the class, I am sure by the end of next month I'll do a lot better.
London sunday (120)d
Afterclass is my main "job" that I have taken on voluntarly of course, after another similar class called Masterclass closed and I felt the need for it.

In 22 month we had different themes and at the same time I learned a lot from each, by actively participating also to them.

Come and have a look.

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