Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Eurostar enters Gare de Nord

While I am waiting for my son's train to arrive from London, those from the last train to Paris are still wait in line for the taxis that arrive one after the other: but there is only one line, so it takes long.
Arrival Gare de Nord (1)
That is one of the reasons my son prefers I come to take him with my car. And yes, at 74 almost, I do drive well, even if I am not very queen to drive at night.
Arrival Gare de Nord (5)
As I arrived early, as usual, I have the time to buy some journals. Today, most big towns here change the Maire. In my town too. But that will be in tomorrows papers, or on the Web.
Arrival Gare de Nord (4)
Eurostar arrives: three minutes before the time! So it comes in slowly...
Arrival Gare de Nord
I have time to take a last picture of the advertisement. It sais:
Forget Watterloo, now the TGV Paris London arrives to Pankras!
"More central and faster tool!".

True, but it took long to finish the new line from the Channel to London and let the train go so fast in UK as in France! Only 2:15 now, from center to center!

We are so near to each other even as yet far away in some other ways.

As there is a direct metro from King's Cross Pankras to the Airport in London (and the Earl's Curt hotels) I'll try next time to fly - I have the impression that it is even cheaper, now with the low cost planes!

My son has his contract for three years now, he tells me his last impressions. It is always a big pleasure to discuss with him! We arrive soon home, his home, then I drive on to my place, not far away.

What will the future bring?


  1. Ah, I don't think flying will be quite so cheap in the long run; most of the cheap airlines go to Stanstead, and it's UKP40 return on the Stanstead Express train to get to central London! Then you have the hassle of getting to and from the airport, and dealing with airport security. I think London/Paris is just about the distance where train still wins.

  2. you are probably right, I did not think of it, plus you have to go to the airport longer time in advance - although there is a search and security proceedings also at the train, as UK is not (yet) in the Shanghai treaty between European Comunity countries where no frontier exist, between UK and other it still does

    Are there not trains that arrive at Healtough or what it is called the main London airport?

  3. I was speaking of planes of course, not trains, thanks for the contribution a lot, @musely!