Saturday, March 15, 2008

I met him from Flickr London

We went together to Regents Park, he taking mostly birds flying, and me more the surrounding and people.

I just went through my pictures done last Sunday: a huge variety!

At the begining, it rained, but soon the clouds left and the light become wonderfull, even more later in the afternoon as we arrived at the other side of the lake.

The park offered us not only birds, and there were a huge number of them coming, mostly when women offered them seeds, but the wind and water birds made the water impressionist like and the flowers and trees reflected in them.

And people were very friendly, most of them agreed to be photographed by me, some others I have taken "candid" not disturbing in what they were doing, talking with each others, feeding birds or looking at the lake.

Not many people in that weather but enough to make it a very interesting walk and place to take pictures too. Here the first 50 in slide-show.

Regents Park must be also beautiful in fall!

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