Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nice suprise

I know, that tomorrow I will stroll in Paris with Chris met in London not so ago who took me with him to discover the Fulham par of London.

I did not know until the last hour that one of my readers will come and visit me. She was an avid reader of all of my blogs, knows "all" about my life from my journal Retroblog, and all of my everyday life of last months.

Meeting her, speaking with her, learning from her was a very interesting experience!

Also a new look at what I do and why I do it.

Not only I came out of it with the impression that my time is not spend for nothing as she explained to me that my example gave her courage more then once, and she waits every day to see what is new and hopes I'll not stop bloging when I go on a travel like in London... but also I got a better understanding of the readers who never comment.

Your blog was the first I dared comment, she told me, and that was after having read me for month!

She works in a school and does not want her face published, so I have taken a picture of her without face, it's still a speaking one I think. Almost 50 years old, she looks at least 15 less.

Very courageous, and living far from Paris, she takes the train early each day to avoid rush hour, then walks from gare Saint Lazar to near gare Montparnasse: more then an hour: "for exercice".

I decided to try it ONCE and also to visit different stations in Paris and try to discover the life around them. A new goal for my Paris's visits.

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  1. Yes!!!it's very interesing!
    For my pleasure and, for the communication between peoples
    and...also to travel!I shall like recovering English;
    After to have reading Julie's blog in French version, I am going to try to read it in English!! It's more difficult,but interesing for me!
    Good day