Sunday, March 2, 2008

About people and flowers

I went to the Bagatelle botanic garden inside Bois de Boulogne, at the marge of Paris. Of course, if it were London, it would be in Greater London, but Paris do not incorporate its suburbs.

I did go there yesterday because of my group Afterclass, in which the new month did begin with a new theme The world of flowers in first thread we were asked for photos of flowers in a field. I did not have any of that, at least not as I would have liked to be able to show.

At Bagatelle park, now free to all public, unless some special exhibit is going on, I was spoiled. There were lots and lots of early spring flowers of all colors arranged 'as in a field' under trees. One part of the garden looks like an english garden and not arranged in rows as in french garden style: I went there directly.

Clic on the title of this note if you want to see some of the pictures I have taken there yesterday early afternoon in big size slide show. You may stop at any time or go to one that you like more and also download it if you desire. If not used commercially, all my pictures are free to use.

Park de Bagatelle 1 mars (84)Going nearer is revarding every time, and I alternated with farther and nearer.

But as you will know me from this blog soon, you'll understand that I could not stop at flowers. I love to take portraits and through it speak with different people.

This family was happy to have a picture of all of them together, "usually only two of us are in the image" they told me.
Park de Bagatelle 1 mars (81)v
But as with flowers, I like to go nearer, or at least zoom in to take more of the expressions. With this lady sunbathing, we speak english.
Park de Bagatelle 1 mars (83)
She would have liked the warm days to arrive even sooner.
Park de Bagatelle 1 mars (99)vd— At least there is no more raining!
In the morning, it did rain. But the sun came out and dried the bench. She had anyway already a great sunburn.

I was not the only one taking photos and this gentlemen had a very sophisticated camera. Plus, he even gave me advices from what angle to take the flowers and how to enhance the depth of field.

He did like the portrait I had taken of him, but does not even have an email were I could send it. But he did also tell me to come back in a week or two, when other flowers will be all opened, he does come often.
Park de Bagatelle 1 mars (107)
Yes, going nearer to flowers and to people is so rewarding!

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