Sunday, May 4, 2008

Argenteuil en Seine, children

There was a lot of fun and games and things to do at the festival near ne Seine this 1 mai, but one of the things they liked most is dress up.

Here, one of the smallest "canoniers".

Canotier, boater, where in fact rich, not anyone could have a boat on the Seine, but they did invite others, so it became more and more popular.

This was supposed to be their "uniform" with this kind of hats and white shirt, black jacket.

And red scarf too.

Argenteuil en Seine pm (6)
That time, beginning of 1900, the impressionists time near the Seine, the ladies had umbrellas to hide from the sun, remain with white skin. We did forget it later, and so many skins got ill! Mine too.

Some of old usages had more then one reason!


  1. "Some of old usages had more then one reason!"

    I often think about that. Firstly because I am a rebellious woman, especially against tradition and authority. But as I am growing older, I understand more and more why certain traditions exist. The problem is that we lost knowledge about many things. Not only of course.... authority was and is also often misused. It is a very complex subject. I like to think about it in different situations.

  2. I am so happy you come to read, you comment!

    It is true, traditions is a complicated issue, and some go back 1000 or 2000 years, even if they did change on the surface and lost their meaning or their explications.

    For example, "do not eat porc" was probably ok at very warm countries. And so on.

    But I do not think tradition and authority is the same thing!

    I should make a special on Trandition in my french blog also, but Knowledge and How we are would be mixed probably in my mind too with it, and one has to separe all that.

    There is also religious and familly and cultural traditions, so many different one's - even personal traditions!