Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bookcrossing at Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts, the walking bridge between Louvre (near Cour carré) and the Institut of France, on a sunny Saturday morning. Lots of things happening at once!

I went there with a bag full of books and with no intentions to take any book from the others. Finally, how could I resist? This thin book will take me to more then twenty unusual and not tourist places in London!

After going through it yesterday evening, I am sure now: I'll go to London and take all those walks and go to as many places, one after the other as I can. If I do live there, I can do it on my own rhythm.

Au Pont des Arts-46d
Lot of other things happening on the bridge! In only one hour, we offered and found books, we took a breakfast (me only juice), assisted to french-americans demonstrating for Obama, to others offering leaflets about the true bible, seen an orange crocodile and the tourist ships passing under the bridge, so on it goes.

I captured some of it that can be seen HERE.

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