Monday, May 5, 2008

Petit dej à la française

Bonne appétit! Croissants, pains au chocolat, chaussons au pommes...

The 1st May, even if it was a little late, after 10 in the morning, the Mairie, (townhouse?) offered a breakfast, of course, French. Coffee and all this.

I have like most the ones with apple sauce inside: the "chassons au pommes".

But I can say proudly now: "I did not touch any of it", went to take a photo (before they opened to public) and then continued to take pictures of people. I did not loose 15 kg (around 30 pounds) to gain it back! I have to loose some more and become, again, more "me".

I will not be young again and I will not be as thin as I was then either, but at least less will weight on my bones. But if you come to France, do not hesitate: one has to taste them at least once!

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