Friday, May 9, 2008

Everything changes

Everything changes in the nature around me and in our lives too. The lilacs begin to fade, the chestnut's trees all around here are now in their glory.

A week ago, it was 10 degree and cold, yesterday we had around 25 in the shade. Some go, others come back.

I know, I know.

My optimism, and great great mother's saying in me tells "all will be to better". That is what my head tells me. But I am still trembling in my guts. Indecision's in my heart.

I know also that most of my books have to go, and from some there is no problem. I take Hemingway's book about Paris and Bernard Show's theatre in all. Prevert's poèmes and my journals.

But then come those on the boarder: I want to read it again or not? How soon? Some choices are not so easy to make, but more easy then think about what will arrive ahead of the time.

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