Sunday, May 18, 2008

Braderie d'Argenteuil

My busy weekends begun with 12 hours on the flea market, selling for the first time in my life at such a place.

Beside this kind of smiles, that still warm my heart, I also got read of most of my french books, those of course only that I did not want to take with me.

Two women, avid readers, trying to negotiate for a better price gave me the idea: instead of 2 for 1 euros, I offered from then on 9 for 3. Pleasure for those who could choose so many and pleasure for me to see them diminishing fairly fast.

We had three showers, but happilly my daughter in law thought beforehand of that and we and the books were under cover, othervise sunny and interesting day.
Braderie Centre Argenteuil (62)
Met and spoked with lots of people and some even recognised "julie70" from the blog having published their images! Some more? Of course, with pleasure!

The pleasure was mutual.

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