Tuesday, May 13, 2008

See the roofs of Paris

Here is Paris viewed from Butte Montmartre. I love to go there again and again, each time, even if Paris does not change so much from afar, the people around are.

There are some other places one can go, each giving an other view, farther or nearer. The Eiffel tower. The roof of Notre Dame. They give you also a view of the Seine.

And the more beautiful perhaps, the top of Arc de Triomphe. As it is not very hight, one can see clearly the surounding building, the people small walking around place Charles de Gaulle, but on a clear day also far away to the Defense, Eiffel tower, Sacré Coeur, etc.
From the top of Arc de Triomphe
But I still like best to go walk on the Butte Montmartre, their from the stairs below the Sacré Coeur, in a clear afternoon (here it was a bit in mist) one can see far away. From the top of the church there is a view all around. Once, I went up the stairs: there are many!

One can arrive to the butte Montmartre in many ways, yesterday we took the minibus from Mairie 18e, one pays one metro ticket for it, and we come down back walking. There is also a Funicular from the other side, near metro Anvers, and of course lots of stairs if you feel like them. When I was younger I adored to take them "it is good for the heart" I was telling myself. One can also go around, rue Lamarck, that goes up aroound but with mild ascent.

I heard, one can see London to from a hill, north of the town, perhaps I'll try it once but would that not be very far away?

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