Saturday, May 24, 2008

Poppies under the highway

Poppy time near my city, even if planted they are wonderful.

Poppy - pipacs in Hungarian, coquelicot in French. Red, usually. But nowadays they make them also rose, yellow or even white.

I went through the bridge and under the highway yesterday to take some picture of their spendor. Could not render the beauty I have seen, and perhaps it was too late in the day also?

Poppies under the highway-12
But after taking twenty pictures near one or far away, on their left and right of the field, with or without people or cars speeding by it, I choose a few and posted them on flickr. This morning I found some comments that touched me as much as the poppies themselves.

"Itt a pipacs" was all a Hungarian wrote under one of the pictures but it was enough. Yes, the poppies are here, in every language, they speak to so many and no need for translation.

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