Saturday, May 31, 2008

The roumanian girs arrived

9 girl dancers with their coreographe, the french director and teacher and a parent arrived from Hunedoara and already made good impressions

Today arrive in Argenteuil from Scottland other dancers and a girl with cornemousse, 'cabaret dancer' girls from Germany and tango dancers from Portugal - together with the children dancers from here, Sunday it will give a wonderful festival!

My PC does not open yet, but I succeded my inscription to the Weight Watchers! Next week, after the dancers return each to their home, it will be time to do something about that too.


  1. Why are all these young dancers in Paris?
    Poème de Vie

  2. Our town is twin with theirs, and they were invited to participate to an International Dance Festival for 'children's day' - near Paris.