Thursday, May 29, 2008

Passlib at Weight

Some ideas are wonderful, but from idea to realisation there is often a long way. Perhaps in England, UK, and other places the Weight Watchers have already introduced the "passlib" to follow Weight loose on-line, but in France they have just begun.

We were all incited to pay for a month our PASSlib and then activate our inscription on-line. From this morning, I tried many times and each time the clock goes round, after having accepted all my data, round and round and round - and nothing happens;

At least, when there were too many to declare the taxes at the same time, we got "too many, come back later", here nothing! A very bad user feedback! Really a good ergonomist would have been necessary. Telling "wait" or "come back later" or whatever message was appropriate. I even did not begin and I am angry against them!

I did loose 15 kg and having an on-line help also was a great idea... but? Do I need more patience?

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