Monday, May 26, 2008

Middle ages festival in Argenteuil

The horses come from thereMiddle age Knights arrived to our city from near and afar. Some even from under the Carpathes, near the Hunyady's castle!

Wonderful weather, warm but not too much, lots of people and different costumes too as everyone images those times differently.

We had peasant's costumes on musicians, knight's of different times, girls dancing but also fighting, and shops with "middle age" wares.
Chevaliers de Hunedoara
But the most important, children got free costumes and demonstrations how to fight as in old times, at least they could understand some movements and fairness too.
I'll show you! Voilà comment ça se fait
I believe they went home happy. My grand daughter has also her face painted with flowers and had seen a ferret and how to grind wheat as in old times.

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