Friday, May 2, 2008

Beautifull festival of 1st May

"Argenteuil en Seine" to remember we need a place near the Seine to walk: for the moment the city does not have one any more, just hoping to regain it again.
Argenteuil en Seine 1 mai (133)Argenteuil en Seine pm
Lots of men dressed like the old rascals, with red scarf, the women prefered to put on old kind of hats, like ladies. I took some candids, lots of portraits, some interactions, but in all I have taken more then 400! Here are the first 32.
Argenteuil en Seine 1 mai (174)d
And with that, the afternoon, I went to an hour "promenade musicale on the Seine" then, after returning we went (four of us) with a Gondolier for half an hour. And here I am with him, after we returned.
(It does look as if I knew him...)

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