Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 portraits printed

I did print ten portraits, they look very "professionally" printed, yes, true, but they did use all my inks, and now, again, I can't print.

The ten colors pictures (here in black and white) did cost me finally more then printing a book through the web, but I learned from it.

First, I was the only one who did as asked from our Meetup leader, who did not precise "from our meetup" but I believed so. Second, I did find them finally, even in the night in the confusing Covent Garden or Soho small streets and in pouring rain.

It just took me longer time.

Some of the moments I was tempted to abandon, but I did not. I am happy I did not, even if we did not have a proper place to show our pictures as I did believe when preparing them.

I did look at great pictures they did, but most not during our Meetup!
I did take some nice ones, at least one I think afterworlds in a pub.
I did discover how many different things one can do in a pub while slowly drinking a bear or a glass of vine.

Read a book!
Wait for friends.
Laugh. Discuss.

and so much more!

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