Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall is here

Cold weather arrived, I'll have to find, were I have hidden all my warm clothes. Very happy that my heating, that I started yesterday, is functioning well and keeping me warm during the night.

I even had to put it a bit lower in the middle of it. But waking up to a nicely heated apartment, what a pleasure; I did not have the luxury of deciding the temperature I want and central heating in every room, for the last thirty years!

Last seven years, I had a gaz heating in one room and the rest of warm come through open doors in the others. Before, the house I was living in Paris was warm enough, when the administrators decided it is time to heat. Until then, I had to wait.

Now, it is me who decide! And also about the temperature I want, also I do not understand yet well, in can be automatic or even programmed. I feel living in luxe!

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  1. It is a luxury, isn't it? I still cringe thinking back to working in some offices that didn't allow individual room temperature control, so some people would end up boiling and others freezing.