Friday, October 17, 2008

Shadow hunting?

In the group Afterclass we are still at shadow and reflection hunting, very interesting theme, indeed, at it gives, between other things: this.

When the sun is not in the middle of the sky, hight up, we get, early or late in the day long shadows. They make me bigger, longer, thinner.

But with the falling leaves, on the ground, making a wonderful colorful tapistry and the multicolored ones still on the trees, so many colors and shades and so many different arrangments that I never really SEEN until this year, I have already gone farther: hunting the fall.

Big perspective or very near, or in between, up or down, they seem all fascinating to me this year.
As do, the people I meet during my walks.

A father taking care of his child "it is my wife who works, from the day he was born I care for him", he tells me proudly. A contruction worker explaining me that at that side the sun almost never arrives and making me more aware of the luck of orientation of the place I live, and so on.

"Hunting", with my small camera, shadows or fall, leaves and people, taking them home with me in the tiny place and looking at them carefully later, what a great time I had, even the days I am to tired to go farther.

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