Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meetup after meetup

Covent Garden Meetup_0132
He has also a meetup group of photography and photoshop, but they meet only once in a month, but comes, from far away to the portrait meetup also whenever he can.

So far, with the Bookcrossing group, the Artist's way, the Portrait group, and the creative writing groupe called Dare to Share. Plus once a week, the Weight Watchers, every morning almost swimming. And this saturday evening, an international meeting organised by St Johns parish, I do have what to do and whom to meet.

And, after a week of not reading, I can read now.

But, can I?

I'll have not much time!

Finally, almost all happens, and I do hava a telephone working and I do have the Broadband working, finally I do use my own wireless - so now I'll have to put all the images I took and did not and write what I postponed so long.

Some day, I'll have more time. Not for the moment. I wanted activities: I have them!

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  1. Congratulations, I'm glad it is all sorted out now