Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deptford: "We are closing in"

Deptford main street, market street, is not so far finally from where I live, but somehow, it seems years, miles away. I found there, what I did not, when I went to London's East: how it was before.

I loved the old and some very small houses, the mix of people and shops from different places, the lot less cheaper fruits and clothes, the many places open for people to come in.

One specifically for women, other for those with immigration problems, (24H/24 after the, closed, window), other in an old train, to have a cup of tea, so many different places for people to go if in need.

Then, also this, posted towards to bus end of the market against those abusing the helps. I do not think it would not provoke a strong answer against them, even if president Sarkozi does want or did pass a law against them. A false indignation comes each time as something as this is proposed or spoken about, even if, lots of people have seen those working without declaring it, while "not having work" and collecting also help.

I do not know anyone here, but I did in France. No, I would not have phoned to declare them, but I did not like it. At least, I love the artwork in the different posters, also those seen in a whole page in the Times: I cut it from the paper and put it in my apartment to remember how different one culture can be from another, but also liking photo and how it looked. It was, it is, a very strong message;

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