Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still active!

I admire the people around me, who even older then me (at least as it seems a bit older) are active, are smiling, are there in the life.

She was there to help at the exit of the school near me, helping children and parents pass on the other side, but also giving me courage. There is life after 70, and probably, even 80!

She is not the only one active lady I see here around me, but I do admire each of them!

I also found a nice man, ready to jump start my car that is stuck now for more then a week, and also fast put a new batteries in it, what my daughter in law believes it needs.

On my way, yesterday, I hunted fall. What a great season it could be! By chance, I found just across my place, not far from where I live now, a tree, the same I had near my window for seven years, the only one, home there, giving me a taste of fall.

Here, so many different and marvelous leaves and also green grass with red and yellow leaves!

Fall seems now a wonderful time of the year, but then each period of the year and of our life has its own magic.

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