Sunday, October 26, 2008

London Paris London

I could say instead, Blackheath Standard, at three twenty at night. that I left Wednesday. The bus took me to Elephant Castle, where I met two others going to King Cross St Pankreas.

One was going to Italy by Ryan Air to buy shoes, and taking the train until the airline, a man. The other, was going to Paris, this time on train "usually I take the bus Eurolines, from Victoria station, but it takes 7 to 8 hours to arrive", true, it does not cost more then 19 pounds, usually."

Waiting for the 63N to arrive, I learned in the middle of night a lot that I could use another time.

Arrived to Paris, Gare de Nord, after 9 in the morning, this is almost the only image I took, I like, because after a nice fast breakfast, we took the metro. Next time, I'll take bus to be able to look around at least.

I spend the rest of my days until yesterday afternoon at Argenteuil, not farther from Paris center then Blackheath is from London's center.

Lots happened there, but that is another story.

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